Keep on shining. SelbyGuard®

“The weather”: the uncertain factor for every event organizer. That’s why SelbyGuard® developed rain protection for your lighting that prevents costly repairs and guarantees the show will go on. We make sure that your lighting stays dry, for a fraction of the cost of insurance costly repairs and downtime from damaged fixtures.

About SelbyGuard®

SelbyGuard® produces transparent rain protection for lighting professionals to protect their valuable lighting assets. Our unique rain covers are guarantueed to protect your valuable equiptment from rain and snow damage. We can provide a suitable cover for any kind of unit: movingheads, wash lights, theatre spots, film lighting, stroboscopes, striplights, LED movingheads and more.

In developing our products, we consult lighting designers and stage builders to achieve quality, safety and a dry, working lighting installation. Our products are thoroughly tested according to the European regulations (EC). In addition, our hanging rain covers are TUV ip class X3 certified!

SelbyGuard® has become the worldwide market leader in the field of Rairoofs (hanging rain covers) and inflatable Airdomes. These covers are available in sizes S to XXL, which provides a suitable solution for every lighting plan.

The rental rain covers are provided with cable entry, a lifting eye, safety steel and 2x trigger clamps. The rain covers that are for sale come with a slide. Our Cristel Clear rain covers let the light through optimally, without a blurry effect. It will do your lighting plan justice. These covers are fire-retardant/extinguishing, which makes them unique.

In addition to that, we also offer specialized applications for light fixtures. We have over 3000 rental products, as well as a sales stock. We produce every product ourselves, so any special wishes or needs can naturally be discussed.

SelbyGuard®: a unique concept with an astonishing appearance. Perfect to use for outdoor festivals, decors, presentations, corporate events, outdoor TV or film recordings and more. Don’t let the weather take you by surprise. Prevention is better than insurance, and SelbyGuard®, it’s cheaper, too.