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SelbyGuard® produces Rainroofs and Airdomes for the professional lighting market. The products serve as rain protection for lighting equipment such as valuable Movingheads. An innovative,  high quality, professional solution for lighting protection. All SelbyGuard® products have been tested thoroughly. These tests take place in real show conditions and in severe weather like snow, rain and high winds.  These essential tests and evaluations with lighting technicians allow SelbyGuard® to continue to innovate in regards to technique and design. The product improvements translate into time saving ways for lighting technicians to install and take down the equipment.

Through the intensive collaboration with professionals from the field and strict quality controls, we can live up to what we stand for: to protect professional lighting equipment from rain, hail, snow, pyro confetti and dust. With SelbyGuard®, the show goes on!

SelbyGuard® offers a wide range of products and responds to a fast changing market in which new Movingheads are being released regularly. Known and lesser-known brands, various dimensions.

Creating possibilities starts with SelbyGuard®

When a safe and professional lighting fixture protection solution is your goal, SelbyGuard® is the partner for you. For over 6 years, SelbyGuard Rain Protection products have been protecting valuable lighting assets from the Main Stage to the tops of buildings and bridges all over the world. Our products can withstand the worst weather conditions while continuing to protect your lighting.

SelbyGuard®’s unique design and form factor make it perfect to use as decors, for presentations, corporate events, outdoor TV recordings, dance events or outdoor stages. With the Rainroofs and Airdomes, any lighting plan can become reality.

Amaze your clients, guests, sponsors and artists with a professional solution for rain protection for lighting equipment. SelbyGuard Rain Protection.  The Show Goes On!

Developed with specialists from the field

The SelbyGuard® product line consists of the popular “Rainroofs”, “Airdomes” and various custom made solutions. These unique rain protection products from SelbyGuard® protect the electronics in the ballast and the yoke of the moving lights against all kinds of weather conditions. This helps prevent expensive lighting repairs and non-revenue down time. Renting these products is a win-win situation. The Rainroofs are provided with cable entry, a lifting eye, safety steel and 2x trigger clamps. In addition, these covers are TUV ip class X3 certified. The Rainroofs and Airdomes are available in sizes S to XXL to fit almost any size lighting fixture.

Quality parts make great products. We exclusively use high quality parts, like our Crystal Clear covers. These covers don’t blur the light beam, are fire retardant, and now made with stitch less welds.

All SelbyGuard products are proudly manufactured and thoroughly tested in our factory in Haarlem, The Netherlands.

SelbyGuard® also offers dollies for the transport of Rain Protection products. You will receive the materials in these dollies, which are easily moveable and easy-to-use. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our products. We are excited to work on your next production!

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Global market leader

In the field of rain protection of lighting equipment

Brothers Tjeerd and Michiel started developing rain protection for Movinglights in 2012. The two had never been active in the field of lighting and sound, and already had two successful companies in other fields. One of them involved commercial sun protection products and the other renting out corporate materials, the two had enough knowledge and assets to come up with a clever solution to a long standing problem.

Tjeerd and Michiel started out with an inventory of just 150 hanging rain covers. Demand sored and the RainRoofs were used for several great productions. The possibility to now hang lights in a place that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise, was quickly picked up by the lighting designers. As a result, they were low on stock before they knew it.

In the meantime, they had several requests come in for stand-up solutions. It took Tjeerd and Michiel three weeks to develop and produce the first 150 Airdomes, that are still in use today.

Nowadays, Selbyguard® also sells their products Worldwide. Resellers: Engeland, Italie, Japan, mexico, canada, USA , Zuid Afrika, Spain, Slovenia

Selbyguard® has grown to be the largest provider of Rain Protection solutions worldwide.

Today, the rental stock of over 3000 products is located in Haarlem, The Netherlands. We offer solutions for almost any Movinglight. Take a look at our product assortment for an overview of Rainroofs, Airdomes and various specials. Check our rentalpartners


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The SelbyGuard® have already been used at several events. You can find an overview of some of our clients below.

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